Currently, these Boeing 787s are crisscrossing the skies and transporting passengers to destinations like Bangkok, Boston, Detroit, Bogota, Guangzhou, Osaka, Bamako, Abidjan, Nairobi and Malé. Taittinger what? BUSINESS CLASS CABIN. The food options were definitely better than those on your flight (I expect the catering out of CDG is generally better) and consisted of a blanquette de veau, roast guinea hen, cod with artichokes or a ricotta and asparagus lasagna. Menus were nicely executed (with all options mentioned in English and French) and both the presentation of the food and its taste were excellent. Somehow the veggie order never makes it onto the return flight on Air France. Heck, I’m not the biggest fan of France, I’m Italian.) Where are the air vents located??? One of the best features is the interactive 3D Voyager flight map, which ranks among the best in the industry. Poor service by staff, wifi not working and ordinary food, I scored an upgrade Paris to JFK in an A380 upper deck and I was on cloud 9. But it’s still a well-rounded product with flashes of fun French style. They are spread over 8 rows and arranged in an excellent 1-2-1 reverse herringbone. The ottoman is wide and also open on one side, which enhances the sleeping comfort when the seat is fully reclined. I then burst out laughing and had a friendly banter with her. This configuration maximizes privacy and ensures direct aisle access for all passengers. Give me break, dude. It sounds like it might be cruel if you just hear about it. On this flight, the kit came in the form of a bag with a colorful geometric design marking Air France’s 85th anniversary. Didn’t look to flash and I would say a little disappointing for Air France, especially the food and service (which they normally excel in). Le Boeing 787-9, surnommé Dreamliner, est le dernier-né des Boeing de nouvelle génération. Air France branded noise-cancelling headphones, which are hard wired into the storage cubby and of decent quality. Register here to save your space. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! The movie choices were great and extensive. Next to the main lounge is an extensive wellness area, which features a relaxation room with mini suites, a Clarins spa with two treatment rooms, large luxury showers, two private saunas, and a detox bar offering organic teas from the Palais des Thés as well as Evian flavoured waters. I’m surprised they don’t have some other option besides vegetables in cream sauce, if someone is not looking for a chicken or beef dish. The appetiser was foie gras though which I won’t touch (1st world problems!) Millésime? Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. Having had the chance to work as a ground staff, it has given me the opportunity to observe various different crews attitude. Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire […], Friday newsletters always feature luxury travel contests, tips, series, or news […], Monday newsletters always feature top 10 travel lists to inspire […]. On this console’s outer wall, you find a reading light (at eye level), a wired handheld controller for the inflight entertainment system, and a metal trim holding the seat controls. Only that the champagne was Taittinger? If it is worse then when the Club Suite arrives Air France will have a much harder task trying to compete with BA, Unfortunately ignorance gets in the way. That wasn’t the case on this flight. Breakfast also looks quite sad. What was your experience? It is only available on select B777-300ERs and B777-200ERs. Your email address will not be published. Have you ever flown Air France’s Business Class? I am flying on this aircraft in September. On more than one occasions I dealt with those crews that barely address you – incredibly unprofessional seeing how much they charge for those TATL. Compared to 911. Reopened in 2018 after a complete redesign, the light-filled lounge is spread out over one (very) large area, featuring dozens of seating areas in addition to two large co-working tables with individual sockets to work quietly. Annoyingly Air France doesn’t have individual air nozzles at every seat on the 787-9, which is a feature I value greatly. The pillow was a good size, while the blanket was comfortable without being too warm. You could see the geese happily being fed, with no signs of discomfort at all. Each seat converts into a two-metre … Air France has 30 seats between the … This is where I struggle. Air Europa consolide sa classe business en augmentant le nombre de places et, à cette fin, travaille pour que les nouveaux Boeing 787-9, qui intègreront la flotte à partir de 2018, disposent de 8 places supplémentaires, pour atteindre 30 places business.