The downside is that every word you exchange is now on file with law enforcement and could someday be used against you or your inmate if anyhing you do or say can be harmful to their pending case. You can easily search by the last name only. The Williams County Jail is the biggest prison office in the Williams County and is arranged on 13 sections of land in metropolitan Williston. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the primary . In the event of an emergency,. Williams County Jail Inmate Search | Roster | Lookup. There is no definitive data that oil producing counties produced more criminals, but it is being studied. After registering and signing in, select 'Send Money Now'. Address: 512 4TH AVENUE, E. WILLISTON ND 58802, Please Share Your Experiences Visiting Or Staying In This Facility, Your email address will not be published. This jail is run by the North Dakota Department of Corrections (DOC). 223 East Broadway, Williston, North Dakota, 58801. 701-577-7705, Adams County ND Jail Ashley ND Police Jail Barnes County ND Jail Benson County ND Jail Billings County ND Jail Bottineau County Jail Bowman County Jail Burleigh County ND Detention Center Cass County ND Jail Cavalier County ND Jail, Adams County ND Jail | Ashley ND Police Jail | Barnes County ND Jail | Benson County ND Jail | Billings County ND Jail | Bottineau County Jail | Bowman County Jail | Burleigh County ND Detention Center | Cass County ND Jail | Cavalier County ND Jail. Phone 701-568-2200. 4 - 21 USC 841(a)(1)&(b)(1)(A)- Possession with intent to distribute over 5 kilograms of cocaineCt. Wanted for: 1) 18 USC Sec 1962 (d) RICO Conspiracy; 2) 21 USC 846 and 841 (a)(1) Conspiracy to Possess Controlled Substanceover 5 kilograms of cocaine and over 1000 kilograms of marijuana; 3) 21 USC 963952(a) & 960(a)(b)(1)(B)&(G) Conspiracy to import a controlled substanceover 5 kilograms of cocaineand over 1000 kilograms of marijuana; 4)18 USC 1956 Conspiracy to launder money instruments; 5)18 USC 2 & 924(o) Conspiracy to possess firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking crimes and aid and abet; and 12) 21 USC 848(b)(1) and (2)(A) Engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise in furtherance of drug trafficking. The facility was started in 1994 with a capacity of 120 inmates under the care of 14 correctional officers. Where do you find the information for visiting an inmate, writing an inmate, receiving phone calls from an inmate, sending an inmate money or purchasing commissary for an inmate in Williams County Correctional Center in North Dakota? Type in your inmate's last name or theirInmate ID. Be discreet. They are also accompanied by strict rules that inmates and their visitors have to follow. Any package such as publications should be sent to the following address: Inmate Full Name, Full SPN For more information, please visit the Supreme Court Website or talk to an attorney: The Williams County Correctional Center typically maintains an average of 145 inmates in custody on any given day, with a yearly turnover of approximately 2900 offenders, meaning that every year the jail arrests and releases that many people. The facility can hold up to 366 detainees. Even after a trial has been resolved, there is still the sentencing phase which can take months to resolve. 8:00AM to 6:00PM EST. Move to another country wher no one knows them. Contact a Department or Official You can access the sex offender registry at Williams County Law Enforcement Center by going through the following link. It's gotten to the point in North Dakota that there just may be so many laws both in Williams County, in the state and at a federal level that each of us are breaking the law, mostly unintentionally, several times a day. Williston, ND 58801 Staff directory Send us a news tip To search for an inmate in the Williams County Correctional Center, find out their criminal charges, the amount of their bond, when they can get visits or even view their mugshot, go to the official Inmate Search Jail Roster, or call the jail at 701-577-4585 for the information you are looking for. The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Williams County. McLean County Courthouse 712 5th Ave: 712 5TH AVE Washburn, ND 58577 (701) 462-8541 . Call HomeWav support at314-764-2872, or toll free 844-394-6639. Many, if not most should be considered armed and dangerous. If you cannot access the online lookup avenue, you can still find your inmate by engaging the facilitys authorities at 701-577-4585. Williams County Jail gives inmates visitation privileges in a bid to encourage them to keep in contact with their loved ones. Williams County ND Jail is a Medium security level County Jail located in the city of Williston, North Dakota. If the magistrate assumes that an unconditional release will not ensure the future appearances of the offender, then the magistrate will deny him or her the bail opportunity. The Williston City Jail is a holding facility for Williston Police Department at 512 4th Avenue East, Williston, North Dakota, 58801. monitors behavior of inmates and promotes | . Some may even be innocent of the crime they are being sought for. Wanted for: Silvio VERGARA, Silvio CALENO, Enrique VERGARA, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute a Listed Chemical and to Aid and Abet the Manufacture of MethamphetamineIllegal Distribution of a Listed ChemicalConspiracy to Launder MoneyMoney LaunderingContinuing Criminal EnterpriseAccessory After the Fact, Wanted for: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute controlled substances, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute and to Distribute MDMAPossession With Intent to Distribute MDMAAiding and Abetting, Wanted for: Title 21 USC 846 (a) (1) (Conspiracy)Title 21 USC 841 (Distribution)Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute in access of 1000 kilograms of cocaine. The visitation schedule is as follows: Inmates might be denied many privileges at Williams County Jail but staying in contact with their loved ones through calls is not one of them. From there you can arrange a visit, send money, help them set up a phone account and help get them commissary. If you have a family or loved one that is currently incarcerated at Williams County ND Jail, the first thing you should do is contact the prison for information on the inmate. Select the products you want shipped to them at Williams County Correctional Center, and then input your payment method. If the fugitive is innocent, they will get their day in court. Wanted for: CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, Wanted for: CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE METHAMPHETAMINE, Wanted for: Possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine, Wanted for: Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Controlled SubstancesMurder. It has three detainee housing structures composed of 5 to 8 cell blocks, each housing 8 to 18 male and female inmates. Williston is a city in Williams County, North Dakota According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 23.31 sq mi (60.36 km2). To pay by check via USPS: Williams County Treasurer's Office PO Box 2047 Williston, ND 58802-2047 To pay by check via FedEx or UPS: Williams County Treasurer's Office 206 E Broadway Williston, ND 58801 Please make checks out . Where there was natural resources development such as oil drilling, large numbers of high paying jobs were created, most often employing men, and the populations expanded quickly. If you want to know more about the Williams County Correctional Center's commissary policy, go here. The physical address is: 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST 1201 12th St SE Suite C Watford City, ND 58854 MCCF- 701.842.2565 Contact Court System Williams County Jail, ND Inmate Search, Visitation Hours Updated on: October 20, 2022 State North Dakota City Williston Postal Code 58801 County Williams County Phone Number 701-577-4585 Type County Jail Location 223 East Broadway, Suite 302, Williston, ND, 58801 Official Website To deposit moneyonline for an inmate in Williams County Correctional Center follow these steps: For all information, tips and procedures for sending moneyto an inmate inWilliams County Correctional Center, or depositing money at the jail, over the phone or by mail, check out our Send MoneyPageforWilliams County. If you are still unable to find the inmate you are seeking, call the jail at 701-577-4585. But should you turn them in? There are cameras everywhere now and more are coming and voice prints, biometric scanners, etc. The fact is that it is every American's duty to support law enforcement and their effort to keep your community safe for innocent men, women and children. If you can't find the inmate or their ID number, call the jail at 701-577-4585 for this information. Add Talk to me Funds to your account using your credit or debit card. Full-Time. $28 Hourly. This content is for decoration only skip decoration.. Close window. Williston. The eyes never sleep. Williams County Jail Website. Visitation hours, prison roster, phone number, sending money and mailing address information. NOTE: There may be a limit on how much money you can send your inmate in Williams County at any one time. is a privately owned informational website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. Corrections Officer. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 23.31 sq mi (60.36 km2). In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. Choose North Dakota, then choose Williams County Correctional Center. Williams County Jail, located in Williston, North Dakota, was established in 1995. Fax Number: This content is for decoration only skip decoration. When an offender is taken into police custody, the court arranges a bail hearing in which the severity of the crime is determined. Correctional Center - Williams County, ND Correctional Center Sheriff's Office Correctional Center Contact (701) 577-4585 (701) 577-4588 (FAX) Williams County Correctional Center 223 E Broadway Williston, ND 58801 About Sheriff Verlan Kvande Captain Jeremy Mohl Good luck. Both incoming mails and packages are critically scanned and inspected by the jail staff to prevent the entry of illegal items. This is a passive informational site providing organization of public data, obtainable by anyone. For all information, tips and available items for shipping, How to Visit or Email an Inmate in Williams County North Dakota or visiting an inmate at the jail, In addition to visiting inmates at the jail, Williams County Correctional Center uses a video visitation service called. Unless an offender has already been found guilty in court, they should be considered innocent. On the other hand, every city and county in North Dakota, plus all of the othersthroughout the United States, has individuals wanted for offenses as minor as not paying fines imposed on them all the way up to mass murder. This Adult-only facility hosts inmates from all of Williams County under the governorship of the North Dakota Sheriff. Jails throughout the United States are now partnering with various companies to provide and manage inmate servives for them and the inmates in their facilities. In some cases, there will be more than one possibility. Sources: Unemployment Bureau of Labor Statistics LAUS data, Median Household Income Census Bureau SAIPE data, Rural Classifications USDA Economic Research Service, Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Model-based Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE).